• Application width470
  • Folding systemHydraulics
  • Weight with no optional additions1955
  • Transport width (in m)280
  • Number of rotors4

The advantages of the F4700

High-quality mowing on all surfaces, including uneven ground.


With a width of 4.70 m, the F4700 mower & shredder is the ideal model for all farms requiring a high-quality performance, with maximum efficiency and quality of cut.Each rotor has two oscillating cutters, which retract upon contact with an obstacle, thus preventing any substantial damage. The special design of the cutters generates a suction vortex, which lifts grass which has been flattened by the tractor wheels, and allows it to be cut. With its gearbox transmission, and cardan shaft transmission to extensions, the F4700 maintains an exceptional quality of cut, with no loss of rotational power.

1 • Longitudinal skids

Longitudinal steel skids with seven cutting height settings, ranging from 4 to 18 cm.

2 • Frame and paint finish

Frame of high-quality S355 steel construction with anti-corrosion treatment: epoxy primer and polyurethane top coat.

3 • Multi-tool attachment bar

All our mowers are equipped with a bar for the subsequent addition of options.

4 • Central hitching

Central drawbar hitching with pivoting 3-point triangular coupling connected to the frame by two cables, for impeccable tracking of the ground.

5 • Rotors

The F4700 is equipped with four rotors, each with two cutters. The special cutters assume a dual function, executing a suction action for the lifting of grass which has been crushed by the tractor wheels, then cutting the grass.


6 • Large diameter steel wheels

The F4700 is equipped with two large reinforced steel wheels (400 x 150), pivoting through 360°, mounted on ball bearings, with spindle shafts incorporating seven settings, for a cutting height ranging from 4 to 18 cm.

7 • Actuators and safety functions

Foldaway and deployment of extensions is executed by means of two single-action hydraulic actuators, which permit components to track the ground contours. A function is provided for the automatic locking of extensions during road transport.

8 • Hinges and pivots

Overdimensioned hinges and pivots are equipped with lubricators, in the interests of the optimum rigidity of the frame.

9 • Transmission and couplings

Transmission via a central gearbox of capacity 130 HP, connected by chain couplings to two further gearboxes of respective capacity 70 HP. These two gearboxes redistribute power transmitted via two cardan shafts, with friction clutches, to two further 70 HP gearboxes which are fitted to the extensions. These cardan shafts thus permit the complete foldaway of extensions.

Standard equipment

  • Profiled steel chassis
  • 4 circular knife holders
  • Ventilated and retractable knives
  • Cutting height adjustable from 4 to 18 cm with spacers
  • 1 independent box per rotor
  • Complete folding and automatic locking for transport
  • Frame on 2 large rollers + wheels that can be pivoted 360° / extension with 1 large roller
  • Slip clutch and freewheel
  • Gearbox power: primer box 540 rpm: 130hp - angular drive: 75hp
  • Anti-corrosion treatment: epoxy primer and polyurenthane finish


Gearbox 1000 rpm - 180 hp - rear coupling models only
Road signaling kit
3 adjustable depth rollers - F 4700 models only
Rear anti-projection chains - F 4700 models only
Front anti-projection chains - F 4700 models only
Rear grassland harrow: 1 row of 40 cm scrapers + 2nd row of comb tines - F 4700 models only