Mechanical straw blower P210 Rotating chute

P210 GT-M

  • Weight with no optional additions1870 kg
  • Bale diameter (in m)1x2m / 2x1,5m
  • Type of chuteRotating
  • Bale separator2 mechanicals separator


The P210 in many respects, has been developed to meet the criteria and requirements of stock farmers:


Meticulous design and the use of high-quality hydraulic and mechanical components from globally renowned and recognized manufacturers elevate ROBERT P210 straw blowers to the level of the most reliable machines available on the market.

Straw blowing distance

Straw blowing distances of up to 19 meters can be achieved by the high-capacity turbine and our specially-designed lateral chute. The low height of the P210 and the lateral chute ensure efficient straw blowing, even in the most remote locations.


High capacity

Our super-powerful separators have undergone extensive tests in order to ensure that they meet the capacity requirements of stock farmers. By the combination of the separator with a high-efficiency turbine, the capacity of the P210 straw blower is among the highest available on the market.

Ease of maintenance

P210 straw blowers are designed for easy maintenance, due to the exceptional ease of access to conveyor belt tensioners and mechanical components. The turbine is equipped with an access hatch for the execution of all the necessary checks for its correct operation.

Exemplary robustness

Form defined by function. Our reputation has been forged over the years by the exemplary quality and robustness of our machines. The P210 is no exception to this rule, due to its non-deformable one-piece shell.

Cleanliness of use

With its double-base conveyor and anti-projection casing arranged above the separator, the P210 permits clean working, without the necessity for a clean-up operation after the completion of a pass.

1 • Distribution sled

For distribution in troughs, your P210 mechanical straw blower is equipped with a distribution ramp as standard.

2 • Turbine access hatch

To facilitate turbine maintenance operations, a large access hatch is located above the chute.

3 • Mechanical transmission of separators

Chain and pinion mechanical transmission. On the MD model, disengagement is exected by a hydraulic clutch.

Mechanical transmission
Hydraulic clutch transmission


4 • Two powerful separators

For the rapid and effective separation of bales in all formats, the P210 M and MD are equipped with two powerful separators, fitted with blades, and specially designed for the regular distribution of silage bales.

5 • Reinforced feed conveyor

A conveyor comprising 80/12 flat chains and 80 x 40 mm welded slats for the efficient delivery of bales in the separators.

6 • Rear tailgate with hydraulic lift

Thanks to the robust rear tailgate with hydraulic lift, bale loading operations are quick and easy, and can be executed in complete safety.

7 • Transmission of second separator

Mechanical transmission of separators, with tensioner.

8 • High-capacity gearbox

The conveyor drive incorporates a high-capacity variable-speed gearbox.

A combination of refined technical features for the achievement of optimum straw blowing.

Drawing on over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of straw blowers, all the technical components of the P210 have been scrupulously designed and tested before going into production. The P210 features the same technical characteristics as its larger-capacity sisters, delivering incredible power and consistency in fodder and straw blowing operations.

4 • Controlled air intake

In order to achieve effective straw blowing, it must be possible to control the quantity and movement of air and straw in the turbine and the chute. A significant advance has been achieved in this area, which produces exceptional results for all qualities of straw.

5 • Twin-flux turbine  

A special ROBERT twin-flux turbine, 1.6 metres in diameter with 6 bolted blades, ensures efficient straw blowing.

1 •  Jet concentrator chute

In order to achieve a consistent straw blowing capacity at a specific location, it is important that the quantity of straw deposited should be clearly visible. In order to prevent any umbrella-shaped jet, the lateral and rotating chutes of the P210 feature a geometry which has been specially designed to concentrate the straw into a powerful and compact jet. This improves the visibility of work executed, whilst producing a substantial reduction in the quantity of dust in suspension in the air.

2 • Spiral separators 

For the execution of powerful separation, while generating a movement of straw which is conducive to its intake into the turbine, our hydraulically-driven separators feature a spiral design, and generate dynamic conditions which increase the quantity of straw delivered to the turbine.

3 • Regulator combs

As it is not possible to maintain a constant quality of straw, the P210 is designed to work with all straw qualities. The regulator combs permit the execution of the necessary settings in order to ensure that the quality of straw blowing remains consistent at all times.

A rotating chute for completely safe straw blowing in the tightest corners

The rotating chute of the P210 has been specially designed to permit accurate straw blowing by any user, in any location required. Although it would have been possible to extend the operating radius of the chute, for safety reasons we have restricted this radius to 300 degrees, in order to protect the user from any projection in the direction of the control station.

Pailleuse mécanique en benne P210 Goulotte tournante Pailleuse mécanique en benne P210 Goulotte tournante Pailleuse mécanique en benne P210 Goulotte tournante

P210 mechanical straw blower standard equipment

  • Conveyor driven by a variable-speed gear motor (electric control)
  • Conveyor with flat 80/12 chains and bolted 80 x 40 boards
  • 2 mechanical bale separators
  • 1.6 m bolted blade turbine
  • Manual control 2-speed turbine box
  • Double bottom seal
  • Hydraulic rear tailgate
  • Electric control hydraulic distributors
  • Electric control cabinet box
  • 3-point coupling
  • Slip clutch and freewheel
  • Anti-corrosion treatment: epoxy primer and polyurethane finish

P210 straw blower options

30° chute - electric control - GL models only
G30° E
Chute electric shutter
Hydraulic double bale separator drive
2 MD
2 bale separators, each driven by 1 hydraulic motor and 1 torque transfer chain
Hydraulic bale separator self-regulating
Double control of the rear tailgate
Hydraulic circuit filter
Hydraulic tank with 40 l/min. pump
Electric control turbine speed change
Flexible lead control turbine speed change
Anti-dust spraying kit (50 l)
Fixed axle trailed kit
Hydraulic axle trailed kit
Articulated drawbar (follower) - only with CG option
Wide angle joint - only with KIT T1 and KIT T2 options
Road signaling kit
60 cm extension for tailgate
Distribution ramp
Work light on chute

Features of the P210