F2800 AR

  • Application width280
  • Weight with no optional additions880 kg
  • Transport width (in m)315
  • Number of rotors2

The advantages of the F2800

1 • Longitudinal skids

Longitudinal steel skids with 7 cutting height settings ranging from 4 to 18 cm.

2 • Circular rotors

Circular rotors, each equipped with an anti-ground protection domed mounting plate and 3 cutters fitted with suction fins, for the lifting of grass which has been flattened by the passage of tractor wheels. 

3 • Cutters

Retractable and interchangeable ventilated cutters, for ease of maintenance operations. 

4 • Multi-tool attachment bar

All our mowers are equipped with a bar for the subsequent addition of options.

5 • Gearbox transmission

Transmission via a central gearbox of capacity 130 HP, connected by chain couplings to two further gearboxes of respective capacity 70 HP. The transmission assembly is enclosed by a steel cover with a high-quality paint finish.

6 • Power take-off

Power take-off from tractor at a speed of 540 r.p.m.. Option for a 1,000 r.p.m. gearbox (rear-mounted model only). 

7 •Cardan shaft

Transmission by freewheel cardan shaft with friction safety coupling.


Standard equipment

  • Profiled steel chassis
  • Circulare knife holders
  • Ventilated and retractable knives
  • Cutting height adjustable from 4 to 18 cm with spacers
  • 1 independent box per rotor
  • Frame with 2 skids
  • Slip clutch and freewheel
  • Gearbox power: primer box 540 rpm: 130 hp - angular drive: 75 hp
  • Anti-corrosion treatment: epoxy primer and polyurethane finish


Gearbox 1000 rpm - 180 hp - rear coupling models only
Road signaling kit
1 adjustable depth roller - F 2400 and F 2800 models only
Rear anti-projection chains - F 2400 and F 2800 models only
Front anti-projection chains - F 2400 and F 2800 models only
Rear grassland harrow: 1 row of 40 cm scrapers + 2nd row of comb tines - F 2800 AR models only
2 pivoting depth wheels - F 2400 and F 2800 models only